Sunday, October 7, 2007

Internet Service - TekSavvy

Before cancelling my Rogers "Extreme" account, I decided to get a DSL service installed and see if the speeds were at least as good as Cable.

So I call up Teksavvy last Monday (Oct 1) and ask some general questions to make sure I am not committing myself into any long term contracts, so I can have the DSL installed, and if it doesn't work out, then I can cancel the service and just continue using Rogers.

The sales person explained it all to me, and confirmed that I can cancel at any time, so I went ahead and ordered the ADSL service.

Since I already had an ADSL modem from a previous ADSL account a few years back, I didn't need to order one of their modems. Total cost (paid via online backing bill payment method ... the sales guy gave me an account number, then I simply logged onto my online bank account; added them as a "payee"; paid the install charge and 1st months service for a total of $62.59; gave the sales guy the confirmation number; and he gave me an installed date of Friday Oct 5.

Come Oct 5th I take my DSL modem, plug it into the phone line, hook up a spare Dlink router to the modem, configure it with my ID and password, and wait.

Around 3pm I noticed that the green "connected" light was steady, and a couple of minutes after there was a knock on my door. A technician was there telling me that everything was hooked up and should be ready to go. A quick test confirmed everything was working. The tech explained that my CO was very close so I should get near perfect speeds (which I also confrmed ... my 5Mb download, and 800Kb upload rated speeds are in the ~4.4Mb download and 700+ Kb upload.)

So far so good. Rogers can expect a call from me on Monday or Tuesday.

Note: Since I am using "Dry Loop DSL" on top of the usual $29.95 per month charge, there is also a "band B" $9.10 per month surcharge, making the total monthly bill $39.05 plus tax (which I believe is only GST.) According to the Wikipedia article, the "band B" surcharge may no longer be applicable, so I may ask them about this a little latter on after I confirm that accuracy of the Wikipedia information.

Installation Cost
9.10 Band B
29.95 Monthly
19.99 install
62.59 incl GST.

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